Can we stop trading with China?


In the regards to the recent incursion of China in the Indian territory in Ladakh, there are various possible responses that India can give.

  • “Hit back by Army.” No, we don’t want that at all. In fact that will spoil the situation instead of correcting it.
  • “Strong responses in diplomatic form.” Yes, Mr. Salman Khurshid is visiting Beijing in May but I don’t see anything coming out from that.
  • “Stop all the bilateral talks until China withdraw its troops back.” I don’t think Government of India has any intention of doing it.

I know, I know. The last option readily looks insane. It has no connection with the issue of Chinese incursion.

But it definitely has the connection with our economic fight with the Dragon. India and China are the two biggest nations in the world. We are neighbors also. From this, as Chanakya had said, we can never be ‘permanent’ friends. This military incursion may stop but we will always have a fight in other format: ECONOMY.

As far as India-China trade is consult we are mainly at receiving end. They export, we import. Can we stop all the direct trade with China? Stop allowing everything to enter our market exported from China?

At first, it will be cutting are own throat. With what our children will play? From where will we get decorative items for our house? Who will supply cheap crockery for kitchen? Everything will get costly. Oh! Electronics items!! we will die without them.

But this will also break the dragon since we are the biggest market. Forget China; what will we gain? We can have our own manufacturing sector;if not for to export, at least for our market. No doubt, we can make shoes, caps, water bottles, toys, umbrellas, plastics etc. This will not just boost our economy, it will also generate millions of new jobs. You may think India is not yet ready to manufacture every electronics items in India. All the global leaders in electronics use Chinese land for manufacturing. Even for them, outside China, we are the largest market. Our decision can make them to establish their manufacturing facility somewhere else. Little costly electronics is no harm than to loose harmony, dignity and economy.

This kind of strong decision can definitely show our influence and courage to the world but world doesn’t work like this. There is no place for this kind of decision in the 21st Century. At least, We can ban toys and plastic households from the dragon to help our economy and to show fruitfulness of this Article.


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